Himalayan Salt for impeccable oral health


People native to Himalayas have been using pink salt or rock salt in different combinations for maintaining optimum oral health for generations. The western hemisphere was introduced to the amazing benefits of Himalayan salt and Himalayan salt products in the 1950’s. Since then the fabled Himalayan salt has been adopted by scores of people who are using it for different purposes. The aim of this article is to highlight few uses of Himalayan salt for maintaining impeccable oral health.

 The results obtained by simply gargling with a solution of Himalayan salt mixed in water called “Brine” or sole are undeniable. The active salt component of the solution is not only beneficial for teeth enamel but it’s also very healthy for the gums. The most common problem that leads to teeth enamel being eroded is over acidity in the mouth, gargling with Himalayan salt brine will help build a pH neutral mouth flora guarding gums and teeth enamel.

Apart from regulating over acidity, washing mouth out with brine solution will also help eliminate bad breath, bleeding of the gums and reduce tartar from between the teeth. My personal favorite is taking a handful of fine Himalayan salt and brushing my teeth with it twice a week. Himalayan salt acts as a natural teeth whitener by abrading the tartar which forms cavities. However, caution should be taken not to adopt this practice on a daily basis as excessive use could lead to teeth getting eroded.

Here’s how I use Himalayan salt for brushing my teeth: simply take a pinch full or two of fine granular Himalayan salt. Wet your toothbrush and simply use it to scoop up some salt and gently brush your teeth with it for 3 minutes. When done rinse your mouth and spit out the solution. In about three to four weeks you’ll notice bright sparkling teeth courtesy of Himalayan salt.


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